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Since 2004 DTF medical and its partners have realized the necessity of supporting the health establishments regarding the therapeutic supports used in the care of bedsores.

By developing a unique partnership with quality partners distributed all over the national territory, a winning triptych was achieved: 

  • Quality products
  • Disinfection
  • Services

So was born the DTF services network which in 10 years became a major actor on the market of the sale and rent of anti-bedsores mattresses using alternating air supports.


DTF Services, a dynamic entity:

  • 25% of growth per year
  • 11 storage sites
  • 3 high level disinfection sites (RABC EN-14065)

With the assurance of:

  • A top quality hygiene of the supports (disinfection sites among the most moden in Europe)
  • A real time support of the park management (successful and friendly software at your disposal)
  • Teams support in the choice and use of mattresses


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  DTF Services partners:
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