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Why to use a breast pump?

For what reasons to use a breastpump? DTF medical guides you in order to preserve the benefits of breastfeeding.

To satisfy a number of needs

Kitett breast pumps, available for rental, are especially recommended for: 

  • Medical reasons: swelling, mastitis, cracks, inverted nipples, painful breastfeeding, prematurity or neonatal pathologies
  • At the start of, and to maintain lactation
  • When breastfeeding has to be temporarily paused because of incompatible medical treatment
  • Building milk reserves in case the mother is temporarily absent
  • When the mother goes back to work
  • Relactation
  • Induced lactation                 DTF - Kittet why to use a breastpump ?

Extended breastfeeding - with no worries

The electric breast pump is mother's ideal partner for:

  • Successful and sustained brestfeeding

Sometimes necessary in the case of medical complications, it can also be used as a backup solution during a temporary separation.
DTF - Kitett products

Because each mother is different, the Kitett range offers products which meet everyone's requirements:

  • Kitett FISIO and FISIO PRO breast pumps:
    - A wide range of settings
    - Single or dual pumping
  • Kitett MINIKIT PRO breast pump:
    - Small and nomadic
    - Single or dual pumping
    - Integral breast shields, flexible and multisized
    - Single piece for simple use and maintenance
    - Four inside diameter sizes and two"comfort" shapes
    - Thoughtful hygiene

A genuine revolution, Kolor® breast shields guarantee a high level of comfort for mothers.