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Kitett®, close to mothers

Accompanying breastfeeding mothers every day, a major issue for DTF medical.

Choosing the breast shield size with KolorYou®

Discover the customized service KolorYou®, application for smartphone (free download)


Breastfeeding: frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of breastfeeding? What place for the father? When to wean? The answers to your questions are here


How to store and transport mother milk?

For a successful breastfeeding, Kitett® informs you on mother milk storage - freshly expressed or defrosted - and its transportation


Professional life and breastfeeding

Back-to-work often means the end of breastfeeding. However it is completely possible to express and to keep mother milk to allow the baby to take advantage of it longer


Join Kitett® community

To support and facilitate breastfeeding, Kitett® is on several social networks and participates in numerous conferences and exhibitions each year