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    Manosonic aerosol device, compact, in a metal casing.

    The device combines three functions: 

    • aerosol production
    • emission of 100 Hz sound waves
    • temporary application of an adjustable overpressure

    These three functions automatically synchronized with the patient’s swallowing enable the saline solution to penetrate into the Eustachian tube (hearing tube).

    The optimum duration of a session is 8 minutes divided into two phases:

    • first phase of 2 minutes with only sound waves (detersion of the nasal mucosa followed by a blowing of the nose)
    • second phase of 6 minutes with temporary overpressure (15 swallowings separated by at least 30 seconds)

    This aerosol device must be equipped with PURENEB® MS1A/E nebulizing kits.

    • CE0459

    More details

    Product featrures:

    Operating mode: continuous

    Easy to use. The patient has just to swallow when he wants to release overpressure.
    The value of the overpressure can be adjusted through a graduated knob from 15 mbar to 50 mbar. The value is mentioned on a manometer and a safety valve stops the overpressure at 50 mbar.

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    Size38 x 25 x 20 cm
    Weight9,5 kg
    Sound levelinferior to 53 dBA

    This video is not intended to be the Instruction for use of your nebulizing system.

    Please refer to the instructions for use which accompany the medical device. Consult your healthcare professional.

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