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    EXTRANEB SONIC / pédiatric

    The nebulizer EXTRANEB SONIC (adult & child) can be used with all the sonic aerosol devices.

    The nebulizer and the accessories (tubes, mask) will be sterilized in boiling water at home.

    In hospitals, the nebulizer can be autoclaved. It is recommended to change the accessories after each use. In any case it is necessary to comply with the instructions on the packings and instructions for use.

    • CE0459

    More details

    Product features (adult):

    Maximum capacity: 12 ml
    Minimum capacity: 3 ml
    Performances for a volume of 4 ml:

    - MMAD: 5,5 µm
    - Inhalable mass: 1,10 ml NaF 1%
    - Liquid flow: 0.09 ml/min

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    Supplied withMask, tubes
    Tube pressure6x9 length 1m
    Tube vibrations8,5 x 12 length 1 m

    Please refer to the instructions for use which accompany the medical device.
    Consult your healthcare professional.

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