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The MINIKIT DUO is a nomadic electric breast pump usable in single or double pumping. He can be used in cases of temporary separation or any other reason making breastfeeding insufficient. It helps to relieve mastitis engorgement, cracked painful nipples and facilitates healing. It permits the initiation or maintenance of milk production, especially in the event of treatment that is incompatible with breastfeeding. Compact, light and easy to carry, MINIKIT DUO is ideal for active mothers.

The MINIKIT DUO works on main power or batteries.

It has 9 setting levels and tends to reproduce the physiology of feeding: the mother experiences the stimulation and expression phases. The stimulation phase is automatic. The mother can adjust settings according her comfort and her feeling during the session.

It screen displays the time, setting levels and the level of batteries.

The MINIKIT SOLO has a belt clip to use the breastpump while moving.

All KOLOR® breast shields sizes connect to the breast pump. The mother can thus have a suitable sized breast shield for her breast morphology to provide optimal comfort for an effective, long-lasting breastfeeding experience.

The MINIKIT DUO breast pump is equipped with “Clean Valve” technology which limits the risk of bacterial contamination from fingers onto the parts in contact with the breast milk.

The breast pump is supplied with a transport bag allowing to tidy up accessories (breast shield, pipe, feeding bottle...). For an easier transport, a travelling bag can be added (in option).

  • CE0459

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Advantages of the product: 

  • Single or double pumping
  • Silent, compact and light
  • Stimulation and expression phases -  9 levels of setting (4  levels for the stimulation and  5 levels for the expression)
  • Clean Valve technology : unique technology that limits the risks of bacterial contaminations
  • Work on power supply or battery
  • Screen with timer, level setting, battery level (if using on batteries) or power supply using
  • Suitable for every breast shield KOLOR® sizes
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Warranty2 years

This medical device is a regulated health care product such as bears the indication CE. Read instructions carefully before using. Contact your healthcare professional.

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