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How to store and transport mother milk?

For a successful breastfeeding, Kitett® informs you on mother milk storage - freshly expressed or defrosted - and its transportation

Milk storage:

DTF - Mother milk storage illustration - baby

Freshly expressed1 hour
(store preferably in the refrigerator) 

48 hours
(in the coldest part of the refrigerator) 

4 months
in the fridge,
not warmed
Max 1 hour24 hoursDo not
freeze again
Defrosted and warmed in heated waterConsume immediately
(otherwise throw away) 
Max 1 hourDo not
freeze again


In transport situation, it is important not to break the cold chain. Put the milk in a cool environnement as soon as possible and store 4 h maximun in an isothermal bag (15°C) like FISIO®FRESH.