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Kitett expands its breast care accessories range

Kitett expands its breast care accessories range with 3 new products dedicated to the collection, transport and storage of breast milk:

  • FISIO®FRESH, an isothermal refrigerant soft bag, the ideal partner for breast milk preservation in transport situation. It maintains expressed breast milk at low temperature and prevents any break in the cold chain.
  • FISIO®COOL, set of 2 cooling packs to keep breast milk at low temperature in transport situation.
  • FISIO®BIB, collection and storage container, which complements the KOLOR® EXPRESSION KIT.
           DTF - Kitett, FISIO®BIB , récipients de collecte et conservation du lait maternel

These 3 products complement the Kitett breast care accessories range, which containts already the FISIO®LAN cream, for a successful and comfortable breastfeeding.


For more information about each product, please refer to the Breastfeeding > Breast care accessories section of this website.