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  • NL9RT
    EXTRANEB trachéo

    The nebulizer EXTRANEB is equipped with a mask for tracheotomy. It adapts to the ventilation of the patient and is very confortable to use. The aerosol is perfectly targeted, on a short duration basis.

    Easy to use and clean, the nebulizer and the tube have to be sterilized by decontamination by soaking. The mask can be washed in hot water.

    • CE0459

    More details

    Product features:

    Maximum capacity: 12 ml
    Minimum capacity: 3 ml
    Performances for a volume of 4 ml:

    - MMAD : 4.4 µm
    - Liquid flow: 0.10 ml/min.

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    Supplied withCristal PVC mask, tube
    Tube6 x 9 length 1m80

    Please refer to the instructions for use which accompany the medical device.
    Consult your healthcare professional.

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