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Supporting patients and healthcare professionals

DTF medical has made the choice of low pressure alternating air therapeutic supports, guaranteeing a high level of comfort to the patients and to the health professionals.

The choice of comfort

  • Effectiveness: The combination of an Expert electronic system and individualised cells in a patented design to ensure optimum low-pressure operation and effective liberation of supports.
  • Simplicity: Automatic operation of the support as soon as it is connected.
  • Safety: High performance, reliable CPR valve, insuring automatic return to dynamic mode (20 minutes after nursing mode starting).
  • Hygiene: The design of the mattresses enables complete dismantling and sterilization of all the constituent elements.

Efficiency of alternating air mattresses

The object of alternating air is to release support pressure alternately to avoid constant compression that would lead to ischemia and therefore necrosis of the compressed tissues.

The alternating air therapeutic unit consists of:

  • A mattress with an air height of over 15 cm,
  • A compressor generating and managing the alternation of support pressures.

Air mattresses are made up of cells that inflate and deflate to generate this alternation of pressure release in the support.


Bedsores, a high cost:
Bedsores remain a frequent complication of the hospitalization at a national level, with a high cost. A "audit compared the real costs of the prevention with the real costs of the treatment of bedsores. The real costs of the treatment of a not infected bedsore are 23,03 euros a day, of a bedsore infected by a multi-resistant bacterium 75,62 euro a day... "

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The specific nature of the mattress will be function:

  • Of the type of technology used for the management of the pressure
  • Of the physical characteristics of the mattress and of the cells

DTF medical: the choice of low pressure alternating air

A unique patented design

DTF medical has made the choice of low pressure alternating air therapeutic supports, for which the compagny has developped and patented a unique design of cells with a central core which enables: 

  • Releasing of the supports, achieved by conservation of intercellular spaces
  • Avoiding shearing of the skin, due to limitation of the lateral movements of the cells.
DTF - Patented DTF mattress cellsDTF - Standard cells