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  • Tracheal aspirator
    Tracheal suction pump


    Device, on battery, for treatment of airway obstruction (tracheal and bronchial mucus) by suction. Very simple and safe to operate at home or in hospital, even without power supply.

    Suction pump running on main power (230 V - 50 Hz), tap of a motor-vehicle (12 Volts - 4 A/h cable supplied) or on accumulator.

    Compact device in a PVC box.

    In conformity with ISO 10079-1, safety requirements of medical suction devices.

    • CE0051

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    Product features:

    Pressure switch setting: the vacuum can be adjusted to all values between -20 and -80 kPa (-200 to -800 mbar)
    Collection of secretions either in a 1 liter glass collecting jar or in a disposable plastic pouch and 1 or 2 liters bottle
    Air filter preventing the inlet of liquids into the suction group
    Running on accumulator or main power, very handy

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    Size36 x 18 x 29 cm
    Weight5,5 kg
    Sound levelInferior to 62 dBA
    Supplied withStop vacuum adaptor, 1 liter collecting jar, air filter and set of PVC tubing
    Flow16 l/mn
    Suction pressureAdjustable from -20 to -800 kPA (-20 to -800 mbar), with vacuum control gauge
    UseDevice for intermittent operating on electrical power 30 min on then 30 min off or on battery 1 hour maximun time - Charge time 16h

    Please refer to the instructions for use which accompany the medical device.
    Consult your healthcare professional.

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